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What is a Mini Facelift? Your Guide to a “Weekend Facelift” Transformation


A mini facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to address early signs of aging in the lower face and neck region. Unlike a traditional full facelift, the mini facelift or “weekend lift” focuses on specific areas of concern rather than providing a complete facial overhaul. It’s an excellent option for those looking to rejuvenate their appearance without undergoing a more extensive surgical procedure.

One of the main advantages of opting for a mini facelift is the shorter recovery period, often leading people to nickname it the “weekend facelift.” Typically, the recovery time is about a week, allowing you to return to regular activities much sooner than a traditional facelift. The procedure is also less invasive, often requiring only local anesthesia and sometimes performed under light sedation.

Because it focuses on targeted areas—usually the lower face and neck—the mini facelift is both more affordable and less complex than a traditional facelift. It’s particularly effective for:

  • Tightening loose skin along the jawline
  • Lifting sagging cheeks
  • Reducing the appearance of jowls
  • Smoothing out nasolabial folds

If you are experiencing mild to moderate signs of aging but are not quite ready for a full facelift, a Mini Facelift could be an excellent choice. Ideal candidates are usually in their 40s to 50s and have relatively good skin elasticity. However, Dr. Diana Ponsky will assess your individual circumstances to determine the best treatment plan for you.

The Weekend/Mini Facelift Experience

When you choose Ponsky Facial Plastic Surgery for your mini facelift, you can expect a luxurious and personalized experience from start to finish. Your initial consultation will include a thorough discussion of your aesthetic goals and concerns, followed by a detailed treatment plan.

The procedure typically lasts around two to three hours. Incisions are carefully made around the ear area to minimize visible scarring. Through these incisions, excess skin is removed, and underlying tissues are tightened to provide a natural, more youthful appearance.

One of the most attractive features of the mini facelift, or “weekend facelift”, is the quick recovery period. Most patients can resume their normal activities within a few days, and side effects like swelling or bruising are usually minimal.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional aftercare services, ensuring your recovery is as smooth and comfortable as possible. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your healing process and to address any concerns you may have.

Double-Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Diana Ponsky is highly skilled in performing various facial cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, including the Mini Facelift. Located in Beachwood, OH, our boutique plastic surgery office offers a concierge experience throughout the process, where you can achieve your aesthetic goals in a safe and confidential environment.

How It Helps

The benefits of a mini-facelift include reduced surgery and recovery time, as well as limited scarring. This minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedure creates a more sculpted jawline, softens nasolabial folds, minimizes lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth, and improves the appearance of droopiness around the chin and neck.


What to expect before a mini facelift

Dr. Diana Ponsky and her highly skilled clinical team initiate your consultation by exploring your objectives and expectations. They inquire about any existing health conditions and evaluate potential risk factors. Thoroughly assess your facial structure through examination and photographs completed by our medical photography team. They will engage in a comprehensive discussion about suitable treatments, anticipated outcomes, and potential complications. This collaborative approach ensures a well-informed decision-making process, where you receive personalized recommendations tailored to your unique needs, all within a supportive and transparent environment.


What to expect During a mini facelift

After administering local anesthesia, a crucial step in ensuring your utmost comfort throughout the procedure, Dr. Diana Ponsky’s skilled hands will create meticulously planned incisions. These incisions are thoughtfully and discreetly situated at the sideburns. She will then sculpt or remove fat, reposition underlying tissue, and lift facial muscles. Once complete, the incisions are closed with sutures. Drains are typically not necessary.


What to Expect After a Mini Facelift

Immediately after a mini facelift, restrictive dressings are placed over the incisions and around your head. Pain medications are usually prescribed and can help ease discomfort, but patients often take acetaminophen alone. While individual healing times vary, the swelling and bruising should be minimal. Makeup is usually enough to cover any signs of surgery until your face heals completely. Incision lines are well concealed within the hairline and in the natural creases, and your face will appear much more youthful and toned.

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