Lip Enhancement Surgery

When to consider lip enhancement surgery


Are you concerned about thinning lips or the appearance of vertical wrinkles? Do you worry that the downturned corners of your mouth make you look grumpy? Fortunately, many options are available to help you regain youthful lips – temporary or permanent, natural or synthetic.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, fillers like Restylane and Juvederm can provide full, natural-looking lips without incisions or downtime. Alternatively, a surgical lip lift may be better if you want a more permanent solution. This procedure can address thin and elongated lips by elevating the upper lip and the corners of your mouth to create a more youthful appearance. Whatever your preference, you can restore your lips to their former glory in numerous ways.

Surgical changes to your lips and mouth performed by double-board certified facial plastic surgeon,  Dr. Diana Ponsky will help to give you a brighter, more positive expression. A lip lift restores balance and proportion to the lips, resulting in a more youthful appearance, and is subtle enough to look natural.

How It Helps

Lip augmentation can help improve the appearance of the lips by restoring balance to the face and creating a lip shape that best fits your face. The lip augmentation procedures we provide offer minimal side effects and downtime. More permanent interventions like a lip lift or implants mean a lifetime of improvement without the maintenance of fillers, although both approaches can create plump, smooth, youthful lips.


What to expect before lip enhancement

Your consultation with Cleveland facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ponsky will include a full health history and a discussion of goals and expectations. Lip size, structure, and shape are analyzed. Photos will be taken, and you are encouraged to bring photos that demonstrate your goal, especially of your own lips, if you prefer how they used to look. Your consultation will end with a customized treatment plan.


What to expect during lip implant surgery

In some cases, local anesthesia may be supplemented with oral sedation. Small incisions are made at the corners of the mouth, and tiny pockets are created within the upper and lower lips. Implants are then gently placed within the lip tissue. After the implants are precisely positioned, incisions are carefully closed using dissolvable sutures. The total procedure time is approximately 30 minutes.

What to expect during A lip lift  surgery

Local anesthesia is used, sometimes along with oral sedation. Incisions are hidden within the crease under the nose and may be extended slightly into the nose. Excess skin is removed, and the edges of the incision are meticulously sutured, allowing for shortening of the white part of the upper lip and more show of the red portion of the lip. The total procedure time is about 45 minutes.


What to expect after lip enhancement

Patients may return home shortly after their procedure. Pain medications may be used if you experience discomfort or pain after the local anesthesia wears off. During the first week, swelling decreases, and you can return to work and normal day-to-day activities. The first follow-up appointment occurs 6-7 days after the procedure.

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