Are Brides and Grooms Choosing Cosmetic Surgery for Their Big Day?

In a trend that’s capturing national attention…

More and more brides and grooms, particularly those under 30, are turning to cosmetic surgery to ensure they look their absolute best for their wedding day. This movement isn’t just about vanity; it’s about self-confidence, self-care, and stepping into a new life chapter feeling your best. Our practice recently found itself at the epicenter of this growing trend, highlighted across national media outlets from Ohio to California and even catching the eye of national news.

The buzz began with an insightful piece by Gregory Burnett of, featuring Dr. Diana Ponsky and her patients’ experiences, including 29-year-old Katie Saada. This story shed light on a significant shift: more young couples are opting for facial cosmetic surgery and injectable treatments as part of their journey to look and feel their absolute best on their big day. Bryn Caswell for Scripps News Cleveland. then picked up the story and it’s now making its way viral across the U.S.

Dr. Diana Ponsky interview with Bryn Caswell for Scripps News Cleveland about Cosmetic Surgery with Brides and Grooms
Dr. Diana Ponsky interview with Bryn Caswell for Scripps News Cleveland.

This isn’t just a local phenomenon; it reflects a broader trend identified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which notes a 64% increase in patients under 30 seeking cosmetic procedures. At Ponsky Facial Plastic Surgery, this surge is seen in the growing number of engaged couples eager to present the best versions of themselves as they step into a new chapter of their lives together.

This movement towards aesthetic enhancements is more than skin deep. It signifies a deeper commitment to self-care and confidence, aligning with the desire of every bride and groom to radiate joy and beauty in every wedding photo and memory. As this story continues to resonate nationwide, it highlights the evolving perceptions of beauty, self-improvement, and the unique ways couples prepare for their special day.

Dr. Diana Ponsky and her team at Ponsky Facial Plastic Surgery have witnessed firsthand the shift in societal attitudes toward cosmetic enhancements. What was once a practice reserved for a later stage in life or seen as an exclusive luxury has now become a form of self-care that resonates with the younger generation. Today’s couples are not just planning their weddings; they’re meticulously curating their appearances to match the significance of their special day.

The range of treatments these young lovebirds seek varies widely, from Botox injections, designed to smooth out those early signs of stress or aging, to more involved procedures like rhinoplasty. What’s compelling is the shift in demographics; men are increasingly joining the ranks of those seeking aesthetic enhancements, eager to present a chiseled jawline or a rejuvenated visage as they await their beloved at the altar.

Katie Saada, a 29-year-old bride-to-be, encapsulates this modern approach to pre-wedding preparations. For Katie and many like her, treatments such as Botox or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy aren’t about altering who they are but about preventing and perfecting. They’re about ensuring that when they look back on their wedding photos, they see the radiant, confident person they felt like on the inside reflected back at them.

brides and grooms seek cosmetic surgery with Dr. Diana Ponsky before their big day

This burgeoning trend speaks volumes about our evolving perceptions of beauty and self-maintenance. It’s no longer just about the occasional spa day or the once-in-a-while haircut; it’s about regular, proactive steps towards maintaining one’s aesthetic, much like one would maintain their health or wardrobe.

Dr. Ponsky’s insights reveal a broader narrative where cosmetic surgery is becoming as standard and personalized as any other aspect of wedding planning. From eyelid surgeries that brighten one’s gaze to full facelifts that turn back the clock, each procedure is a step towards the personal transformation that today’s brides and grooms seek.

Ponsky Facial Plastic Surgery’s mission is to support this journey, offering expertise, care, and a shared excitement for every couple’s new beginning.

The bridal story hit 44 other stations, ranging from Ohio to California!  This is incredibly exciting~

Brides and grooms have added cosmetic surgery to their to-do list

A Beachwood, Ohio cosmetic surgeon is seeing an increase in young brides and grooms coming in to transform into the best versions of themselves before their special day. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 64% of members state they have seen a dramatic increase in patients under the age of 30 requesting facial cosmetic surgery or injectable treatments. Katie Saada, 29, wants to look her best on her special day, as every bride and groom does. 

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